Hello and welcome!

My name is Cery and I’m so glad you found your way here.

As a Christian, finding our path in this world can be challenging.

I guess that’s a pretty big under statement, isn’t it?

Truth is, it’s HARD y’all!

There is so much to distract us from God and who He is and who we are in Him.

There’s so many days I’m stuck on the front seat of the struggle bus.

But every once in a while I’m blessed to catch of glimpse of Papa’s heart for me.

For us.

A nugget of Truth that reinforces who He is and how much He loves me and you and all of us.

And I love to share them with others just like me, struggling to keep our priorities in order and our eyes on God, who is the Lover of our souls.

So I decided to put them here for anyone and everyone who could use a little easily digestible morsel of Truth to help light your way.

My prayer is that among these pages you will find something that touches your heart, lightens your load, or even just makes you giggle.

Much love,


Unless otherwise noted, all Scripture references are from the Passion Translation.