Come Away From the Noise

Woman with her hands over her ears.

Beloved, everything that distracts you from My voice is noise.

The inner noise tells you constantly who you aren’t. It tries to undermine your true identity in Me. But it’s all lies.

The Truth is you are My beloved daughter. I adore you! You are My delight!

I love to watch you take hold of my Truths and learn to walk them out in a real way.

I love the way you come to Me with your cares, your tears, and your questions.

I’m NEVER disappointed in you! Because you follow after Me.

Sometimes in joy and strength.

Sometimes stumbling and unsure.

But every day I see you grow.

Every day you become stronger.

And every day your faith grows.

I know your heart, I know your joys, I know your fears. I know everything there is to know about you. And I love you!

So come away from the noise!

Come back under the shelter of My wings. Come under My shadow where the noise had no voice. Where there is only Me and My Truth.

My Truth is the only thing you need listen to.

Not the noise.

Never the noise.

The noise, both inner and outer is nothing but the lies of the enemy. Sent to confuse you so you don’t perceive Truth.

My beloved, stop looking at what’s going on in the earth realm around you.

Focus your eyes on the Kingdom realm. For here is Truth. Real Truth.

The Truth ALWAYS supersedes circumstances.

And The Truth will ALWAYS trump what is merely true.

So close your eyes to the waves, close your ears to the noise, and focus everything on Me. Then you will walk above it all.